Potes in Cantabria: Experience the Magic from Hotel Antoyana in Santander

La villa de Potes, Liebana

In the charming region of Cantabria, where nature intertwines with history, you’ll find Hotel Antoyana in the vibrant city of Santander. This cozy and elegant accommodation not only offers comfort and hospitality but also a strategic location that allows you to explore nearby gems like the picturesque village of Potes and its surroundings.

Potes: A Charming Corner in Cantabria

Just over an hour’s drive from Hotel Antoyana, Potes emerges as a destination straight out of a fairy tale. Surrounded by the imposing Picos de Europa and crossed by the Deva River, this medieval town captivates with its cobbled streets, stone houses, and an atmosphere steeped in history.

What to Do in Potes: Discover Its Hidden Treasures

Hermida Gorge: Breathtaking Nature on the way to Potes

Before reaching this charming town, you’ll encounter a natural wonder: the Hermida Gorge.

This majestic 21-kilometer route makes this mountain pass the longest gorge in the Iberian Peninsula. The impressive rock walls, towering up to 600 meters high, sculpted by the Deva River, offer a winding road to Potes. For unforgettable views, drive up to the Santa Catalina viewpoint in Piñeres, where the Picos de Europa will leave you breathless.

San Vicente Church: Art and History in Potes

Upon parking at Plaza de la Serna, start your visit at the Gothic Church of San Vicente, a Historical-Artistic Monument.

This 14th-century temple, now converted into the Lebaniego Studies Center, houses valuable altarpieces from the former San Raimundo Convent and two astonishing canvases: “The Christ of Burgos” and the conversion of Saint Paul. The ancient San Vicente Martyr Church also houses the Potes tourist office and the Pilgrim Assistance Office, the latter being unique in the region. Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world pass through Potes on their way to the Santo Toribio Monastery, one of the four Jubilee sites of Christianity since the Middle Ages. The office provides information on the Northern Way of Saint James and the Lebaniego Way, both declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Infantado Tower: Historical Icon and Panoramic Views

Exiting the church, just 100 meters away, you’ll encounter the imposing Infantado Tower, declared a Cultural Interest Site, standing as an unmistakable icon of Potes.

This 14th-century manorial fortress, once owned by Don Tello, Lord of Liébana, brother of King Henry II, and son of King Alfonso XI, “the Avenger,” offers spectacular views of Potes and the Deva River from its terrace.

A Stroll under the Bridges of Potes: Historical Beauty over the Quiviesa River

The ensemble of San Cayetano, Nuevo, and La Cárcel Bridges, crossing the Quiviesa River, is a medieval treasure.

San Cayetano Bridge, photogenic with its semicircular arch, invites a pleasant two-kilometer stroll along the banks of the Deva and Quiviesa Rivers.

Captain Palacios Square: Vibrant Center of Potes

At the heart of Potes lies Captain Palacios Square, surrounded by shops, bars, and the charming central kiosk.

On Mondays, it hosts a traditional market where you can find local products like popular Cantabrian sausages, the famous Bejes-Tresviso cheese, made just a few kilometers from Potes, and many other typical products. Is it perhaps time to stop and taste the typical Lebaniego stew for lunch?

Solana District: Cobbled Streets and Historical Charm

From Captain Palacios Square, delve into the Solana District. Its cobbled alleyways and ancient manor houses, like the intersection of Cimavilla and Solana Streets, will captivate you.

Nearby Unmissable Places:

Santo Toribio de Liébana Monastery: History and Breathtaking Views

Just 2 kilometers from Potes lies the Santo Toribio de Liébana Monastery, an exciting final destination for pilgrims on the Lebaniego Way, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Christian pilgrimage site with a millennia-old history.

Inside, you’ll discover the Lignum Crucis relic, the largest known piece of the cross of Jesus Christ. Don’t forget to visit the San Miguel Viewpoint and enjoy panoramic views of the valley.

Bejes: Rural Charm and the Famous Picón Cheese

Visit Bejes, where the renowned Bejes-Tresviso Picón Cheese is produced. Enjoy the rural landscape and tranquility of this ancient village surrounded by imposing mountains.

Fuente Dé: Majestic Nature in the Picos de Europa

End your exploration in Fuente Dé with a hiking route through the Picos de Europa; or perhaps you just want to take the cable car for a ride and enjoy the views waiting for you up there.

The cable car will take you to spectacular landscapes, such as the Ávila Ports route or the Horcados Rojos traverse, depending on your level and available time.

A Unique Experience from Hotel Antoyana

Upon returning to Santander from your day of exploration in Potes, Hotel Antoyana awaits you with its characteristic hospitality and all the necessary comforts to relax. From its comfortable rooms to its first-class services, our hotel is the perfect starting point to venture into Cantabria and discover the beauty of Potes.

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