Celebrate the thrilling Carmen Festivities in Revilla de Camargo!

Revilla de Camargo, a charming village located just 4.9 km from our Hotel Antoyana in Santander, is gearing up to welcome visitors from across the Valle de Camargo, Santander, and other parts of Cantabria and Spain for the Carmen festivities. These celebrations, taking place from July 7th to July 17th, 2023, have been declared of regional tourist interest since 2003 and have a long-standing history dating back to the 17th century.

According to tradition, in those times, sailors would arrive in Revilla de Camargo on their boats to pay homage to the Virgin of Carmen, their patron saint, and seek shelter from the sea. These days of festivity blend religious and festive elements, offering a unique experience for people of all ages.

The program and activities of the festivities are designed to cater to all kinds of audiences. July 7th marks the start of the celebrations with the offering to the Virgin and the opening speech, officially inaugurating these significant dates. However, it is July 15th, the Night of Carmen, that holds the most magic and emotion. On this special night, pilgrims gather in Revilla and the streets are filled with the glow of thousands of candles honoring the Virgin. The early morning of July 15th is particularly moving, with the 5 a.m. Mass, where the scapulars and donuts merge with the enthusiasm of an excited town.

The main Mass on July 16th is the highlight of the festivities, featuring a procession full of emotions, the traditional Picayos dance, and the burning of fireworks, signaling the end of the Eucharist. During these days, you can also enjoy concerts by renowned artists from the Spanish and international music scene, traditional bullfights, and lively orchestras that enliven the festive nights, where you can relax with friends and immerse yourself in the height of summer.

We invite you to visit Revilla de Camargo and live this unique experience. We are confident that you will be delighted and eager to return the following year. Long live the Virgin of Carmen! Long live Revilla de Camargo!

Festival Program:

  • July 7th: Festival Opening Speech, with offerings and a speech presented by the Peñas Blancas Choir and El Carmen Theater Group.
  • July 8th: National Artistic Skating Trophy Virgen del Carmen, Ollas Ferroviarias Contest, and performance by Marcos Bárcena and Fronterizos.
  • July 9th: Town’s Day, featuring reception, Mass, a motorcycle parade through the streets of the municipality, musical performance by María Leyre, a grand popular paella, and DJ music.
  • July 10th: Julio de Pablo Children’s Painting Contest.
  • July 12th: Performance by Bossa Noval Sol.
  • July 13th: Children’s Day, including a large children’s park with inflatables and a free tourist train inside the Revilla Sports Pavilion, a magic show by Mago Xuxo, and a solidarity market and gift draws in support of AMARA Cantabria.
  • July 14th: Performance by the Cantabrian group Quorum Rock Band, followed by a grand concert by Seguridad Social.
  • July 15th: Night of Carmen, featuring the opening of El Carmen Market (candles, scapulars, donuts, and churros), a parade by the Los Marchosos Brass Band, a grand open-air dance with the orchestras Top Líder and Pikante, and the first early morning Mass sung by María and T. Rivas. The image of the Virgin of Carmen will be displayed outside the hermitage throughout the day.
  • July 16th: Day of Carmen, featuring a market, parades, solemn Mass, procession of the Virgin of Carmen accompanied by the Picayos del Carmen, Piteros, and El Carmen Bagpipe Group, an afternoon parade by the Los Marchosos Brass Band, a performance by the Cantabrian group Versión Pop, a grand Carmen pilgrimage with the La Reina Show Orchestra, and a grand fireworks display.
  • July 17th: Day of Valle de Camargo, including the award ceremony for the children’s painting contest, a performance by the Solo Saxo group, the distribution of roast pork sandwiches, and gift draws presented by La Gran Nogara.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of the Carmen festivities in Revilla de Camargo. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!